Professional Office-Based Opioid Treatment Services for Opioid Use Disorder Utilizing Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (Formerly Medication Assisted Treatment)

In accordance with federal and state legislation, as well as medical board guidelines, our qualified providers are limited to offering telehealth services exclusively to patients residing in North Carolina. Non-residents may qualify for treatment under specific conditions and would be required to attend in-office appointments. This includes individuals residing near the state border in South Carolina, and certain temporary or seasonal workers who are not permanent residents.

Upon reviewing your registration, we will contact you to arrange your initial consultation. Should your registration be submitted after business hours, rest assured that we will reach out on the following business day within office hours. We are committed to supporting you throughout your recovery journey.


Upon diagnosis of opioid dependence by our medical provider, you may be prescribed a combination medication of buprenorphine/naloxone, commonly known as Suboxone. Please note that our providers do not prescribe buprenorphine-only medications, such as Subutex. Additionally, our medical providers do not issue prescriptions for pain treatment, as our clinic does not specialize in pain management.


If prescriptions are issued, they will be transmitted to your designated local pharmacy. Additionally, we collaborate with Medicap Pharmacy in Concord to accommodate patients who opt for direct shipment of their medications. Medicap Pharmacy will also provide the necessary toxicology testing supplies alongside your medication. For further details on pharmacy locations, contact information, and operational hours, please refer to Medicap’s official website.

Program Requirements

Drug testing will be conducted on a monthly basis and may occasionally be administered randomly. Testing can be completed either at our office or in the comfort of your home. For at-home testing, please adhere to the instructions provided within your toxicology kit, which will be mailed to you upon enrollment in the program. It is imperative to text the tracking number of your sample to our main line at (704) 246-4644. Additionally, we will reach out to schedule and conduct medication counts, providing you with detailed instructions for the process. Prompt response to the count request within the specified time frame is crucial.


The monthly program fee is set at $195. While your insurance may cover the costs of prescriptions and drug testing, it is currently not applicable for the program fee. You have the option to utilize an FSA/HSA card for the program payment. Additionally, some patients have successfully submitted claims for reimbursement to their insurance. In the absence of insurance, the combined cost of the program fee and medication remains the most economical option, especially when considering the alternatives of forgoing treatment or resorting to the use of non-prescribed medications.

What to Expect

In accordance with the individual needs of our patients, a staff counselor will be available to discuss various counseling and support options either during your intake evaluation with our medical providers or shortly thereafter. Our program extends beyond medication to offer services such as weekly online group meetings, one-on-one counselor phone or video sessions, and in-office sessions. Patients may also opt for our faith-based Pastoral Counseling program as part of their personalized treatment plan.

We strongly encourage patients to utilize local resources, including 12-step programs and group models like SMART and Celebrate Recovery. Our case management staff is ready to assist in locating suitable groups in your vicinity.

Furthermore, counselors may provide referrals to third-party services for additional evaluation or treatment as needed. If you are already engaged with a counselor prior to joining our program, please inform us to ensure continuity of care that is beneficial to your recovery.

What Does A Drug And Alcohol Assessment Consist Of

When someone undergoes a drug and alcohol assessment, it’s a step towards understanding and addressing substance use concerns. This evaluation typically consists of a series of questions and tests administered by a healthcare professional. The goal is to get a clear picture of the individual’s substance use patterns, the impact on their life, and any related health issues.

The assessment often includes a detailed interview about the person’s history with drugs and alcohol, their current usage, and any previous attempts at recovery. It may also involve physical examinations, lab tests, and discussions about mental health. This comprehensive approach helps to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses all aspects of the individual’s well-being. Remember, taking this step is a positive move towards recovery and a healthier future.