We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing medication-assisted treatment. We are recognized and approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3) charity organization. Our aspiration is to extend treatment to every individual grappling with opioid use disorder, and we require your support to achieve this mission.

You can make a transformative impact on lives!

According to North Carolina DHHS, there has been a twenty-two percent surge in opioid-related overdose deaths, a number that continues to rise this year. Fentanyl is implicated in over seventy-seven percent of these fatalities. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation reports that one in four children will be affected by a family member’s struggle with a substance use disorder (SUD).

The foremost challenge for those with an SUD is access to care. Often, even when care is found, it remains unaffordable. Traditional treatment models, which may demand daily visits, pose a risk to employment due to their time commitments. Additionally, the lack of health insurance and reliable transportation exacerbates the difficulty of accessing treatment for many, even when options are available in their community.

Chances are, you know someone battling a substance use disorder. Addiction is defeating a friend or loved one you care about, and in some cases, it may have already prevailed.

Your contribution can empower a deserving individual to access treatment and survive. Those in treatment are at a reduced risk of overdose. Treatment not only alters the lives of the patient but also positively affects their family and children.