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Our program offers medication assisted treatment to help you recover from your opiate addiction. We use state of the art tele-medicine to treat patients anywhere in North Carolina.

Your smartphone, iPad or computer allow you to be treated in your own home or other private environment.

As a patient you may:

  • Explore your spiritual needs with our pastoral care counselor.

  • Meet with our Certified Substance Abuse Counselor  and get help with addiction education, group therapy and individual sessions.

All of your treatment will be accessible on your smartphone, iPad or computer.

Now let's get started on your recovery journey.

After completing the assessment call us at (704) 246-4644 Extension 1 to go over your patient paperwork. 

Our compassionate practice staff will explain all the program requirements over the phone and answer any of your questions. They will schedule your online physician's appointment.

Our business hours are Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Dr. George L Raad our medical director.

Dr. George L Raad our medical director.